Sideball Revealed

My ex-girlfriend thought it would be funny to catch me changing and post it on SnapChat. I yelled at her, “What are you doing!?”. She laughed and said, “Relax, it’s only SnapChat. All of my friends will only have 7 seconds of laughter and plus I only caught a sideball view.”.

I was so pissed, and even more upset by the fact her demented friend kept the video – which totally goes against the privacy SnapChat pretends to offer.

My EX girlfriend is now my EX for this very reason, but I’ve been told by a mutual friend that, every now and then, they whip out their phones to have a laugh over my frantic expression coupled with a sideball shot.

SnapChat is leading the way to deceiving people that online enabled apps can be fun AND secure.

SnapChat – you suck!